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Residential FAQS

The following are Frequently Asked Questions regarding your heating and cooling needs:
  • What size air conditioning unit is right for my home?

    The short answer is the size that is appropriate for the space.  This is done by having a professional run a Manual J load calculation to determine the precise amount of BTU's required to cool and heat the space.  If sized too large the home will cool rapidly, but fail to remove sufficient humidity creating a cool, clammy sensation.  If undersized, the unit will run non-stop never reaching the thermostat set point during warm weather.    
  • Why do I need a maintenance plan?

    A maintenance plan is not an expense; it's an investment that pays dividends each month with lower operating costs.  A well maintained system lasts longer and defers the cost of replacement.  In addition, those expensive emergency repairs which happen during the most inopportune time all but disappear with regular maintenance.  
  • What temperature should I set my thermostat for the most economical operation?

    This question is often times dictated by individual comfort.  However, there are a few general rules.  Use a set-back thermostat to reduce or raise the thermostat set-point during sleep, or away from home.  During the winter, you can expect to save 3% of your energy costs for every degree you lower the thermostat.  In the summer, you can save 4% of your energy costs for every degree you raise the thermostat.  In the DC market, most homeowners set their thermostat at 74 degrees in the summer and 72 degrees in the winter.  
  • I have a simple fix, but need to buy parts. Can I buy them directly through Vernon Heating?

    You can absolutely purchase parts directly through us. Vernon Heating and Air has over the counter sales available for your humidifier, air cleaner, or furnace filter replacements.  Our customers are welcome to stop by our Sterling location at 42655 Tade West Drive Sterling, VA 20166. We can also deliver them directly to your home for a small service fee. Call us at 703-968-7700 for directions or any questions.