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Air Duct Cleaning

Clean air ducts are no less important than clean drinking water.  Leave a partially filled glass of water out on the counter and you know what to expect after a few days or weeks.  Your air duct system is no different if not maintained.  
Air Duct Cleaning
The inside of your air duct system is a dark, moist environment susceptable to biological growth.  At Vernon, we remove these contaminants using cleaning techniques recommended by the NADA (National Air Duct Association).  The average home done properly takes approximately 4 hours to complete.  

Once completed you should only need to clean your air duct system every 4-5 years.  But be warned there are numerous scam cleaning techniques employed in the market -- some of which make indoor air quality worse by dislodging, but not removing contaminants.                   

Air Duct Cleaning Facts

  • Duct cleaning can remove biological contaminants and allergens from a ducting system.
  • Typically the air inside your house is worse for you than outside your home.
  • You can develop allergies if around allergens long enough.
  • Dirty ducts can make your heating and cooling bills more costly than necessary.
So when you see an air duct cleaning advertisement "as low as $99"... run and run fast!  

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