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Programable Thermostats

Efficient Home Heating and Cooling

The cost of heating and cooling your home rises every year. One step homeowners living in the Washington, D.C. metro area can take to save money is installation of a programmable thermostat. Vernon Heating and Cooling provides efficient home heating and cooling solutions for homes and businesses throughout the D.C. metro area. Our customers call us the “Heating and Cooling Specialists.”

Nest Installation in Fairfax VAA programmable thermostat allows you to establish a set schedule for heating and cooling your home. Depending on the model you select, your schedule will increase and/or decrease the temperature of your home depending on the day and time. Most models allow you to set different schedules for heating and cooling functions.

Reducing the temperature in your home by just a few degrees at night or when no one is home can reduce your winter heating costs significantly. Likewise, programming your air conditioning to run less during cool night or early mornings is a money saving feature of a programmable thermostat. 

The home “heating and cooling specialists” at Vernon Heating and Cooling in Washington, D.C. can help you select the right programmable thermostat for your home, and provide expert installation. You can begin saving money on energy costs in less than one day. Vernon Heating & Cooling offers premier services for homes and businesses in the following locations:  

  • Fairfax,VACarrrier T Stat Dulles VA
  • Arlington, VA
  • Alexandria, VA
  • Loudoun, VA
  • Prince William, VA
  • Culpeper, VA
  • Fauquier, VA
  • Montgomery County, MD
  • Washington, D.C.

Contact Us to learn how Vernon Heating & Cooling can save you money with a new programmable thermostat. To discuss other heating, cooling and indoor air quality issues please call us at (703) 968-7700 in Virginia or (301) 987-9244 in Maryland. We look forward to helping you make your home a more comfortable place to live.