How to Keep Your Commercial HVAC System Efficient in Chevy Chase, MD

Reducing energy consumption is important for businesses seeking sustainability and ways to cut operating costs. Here are a few ways to enhance commercial HVAC efficiency in Chevy Chase, MD.

Use Properly Sized Commercial HVAC Equipment

The Consortium of Energy Efficiency, CEE, estimates that at least 25% of rooftop HVAC systems are oversized. This results in increased energy consumption plus higher energy costs and shortens the lifespan of HVAC systems. Properly sizing an HVAC system can significantly cut energy costs, reduce your carbon footprint and prolong the life of your HVAC system.

Professionals consider factors such as the square footage of a room, the type and efficiency of insulation in office spaces, the number of people who occupy a space and the number and size of windows, among other factors, when sizing HVAC systems. A properly sized HVAC system doesn’t overwork to heat or cool a room, and it doesn’t consume more energy than necessary.

Switch to Energy-Efficient HVAC Systems

Energy-efficient HVAC systems reduce energy waste and save on utility bills. Energy Star-certified HVAC equipment, for instance, is about 6% more efficient than most uncertified equipment, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Replacing old equipment with new Energy Star-certified equipment can save you a significant amount of money in energy bills.

Because of improvements in technology, newer HVAC systems are more energy efficient. If your commercial building runs an old HVAC system that’s more than 10 years old and the system needs frequent repairs, you may need to replace it. Doing so will save you money on utility bills, routine maintenance and repairs.

Perform Commercial HVAC Energy Audits

An energy audit helps you know when, where and how your equipment consumes energy. During the audit, a service technician will help you assess the utility bills. The professional will look for spikes in energy consumption and check consumption during different seasons.

By gathering as much information as possible, the technician can tell where problems lie and how to address them. If they realize your system sizing is improper, they might recommend that you replace it to cut down on energy costs.

Schedule Preventive Commercial Maintenance and Make Repairs on Time

Preventive maintenance can help keep your system operating at peak efficiency. Replacing HVAC filters, for instance, ensures there is no restricted airflow that will cause the system to overwork. Have an HVAC technician check your system quarterly for any factors that can reduce energy efficiency.

Putting off maintenance tasks and repairs can lead to minor losses in efficiency, and later, major losses or system breakdown. Schedule commercial HVAC maintenance that works for your business.

Switch to a Programmable or Smart Thermostat

A programmable or smart thermostat makes it easy for business owners to tailor temperature settings to the diverse needs of the workforce. Using the thermostat, you can set the building temperatures higher or lower when indoor spaces are not in use, based on the season.

A programmable thermostat can offer seven-day programs or 5+2 programs for businesses that operate five days a week. With the seven-day models, you can reduce energy consumption at night when there is no one in the building. The 5+2-day models help you reduce energy consumption on weekends or two other days when the offices are not operational.

A smart thermostat is an improved version of the programmable thermostat that allows you to set temperature from your mobile device. This feature enables you to regulate temperature settings remotely.

Seal Ducts and Insulate Your Office Spaces

A HVAC technician can help you seal ducts to make sure you don’t lose heated or conditioned air. Further, a service tech can enhance the system by wrapping the ducts in insulation. The focus should be on the unprotected areas of a building.

Energy Star estimates that up to 30% of conditioned or heated air escapes through leaks in the ducts. Sealing the holes and ensuring proper connection of the ducts can reduce loss of energy through loss of conditioned air. Call our technicians at Vernon The Heating & Cooling Specialist for residential and commercial HVAC system services in Chevy Chase, MD, and the surrounding area.

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