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Invest in preventive HVAC maintenance to get more for your money. Homeowners can enjoy five-fold financial returns and a multitude of other benefits by having our technicians service their heating and cooling equipment in the spring and fall.

Why You Should Join an HVAC Maintenance Plan

Maintaining your heating and cooling equipment is just as important as changing the oil in your car or truck. It requires minimal investment, and you’ll enjoy multiple rewards, including increased efficiency, fewer repairs, and extended longevity. Vernon The Heating & Cooling Specialist services furnaces, boilers, central air conditioners, and heat pumps from all brands. We offer comprehensive HVAC maintenance plans with competitive prices.

Reasons to have preventive maintenance on your air conditioning and heating systems.

  • Prevent efficiency losses.
  • Protect your warranty coverage.
  • Avoid breakdowns and repairs.
  • Enjoy increased peace of mind.
  • Help your HVAC equipment last longer.
  • Experience increased reliability.
  • Reduce unnecessary wear and tear.
  • Minimize safety concerns.

Enjoy the Benefits of Regular HVAC Maintenance

Bronze  $9.95 Monthly (per system)

  • 10% off emergency repairs
  • Priority Scheduling – guaranteed service within 48 hours
  • Low diagnostic fee only 69.95 (save $69.05)
  • One (1) limited heating check-up
  • One (1) limited cooling check-up
  • We will change your filter while on-site to keep your system at peak performance*****

Silver  $15.95 Monthly (per system)

  • 20% off emergency repairs – one unexpected call could pay for the entire annual fee!
  • Front of the line service – guaranteed service within 24 hours
  • Super low diagnostic fee only $49.95 (save $94.05)
  • One (1) premium seasonal heating tune-up and safety inspection
  • One (1) premium seasonal cooling tune-up and safety inspection
  • 5% discount on equipment & labor on a new full system
  • No worry scheduling – we handle it all
  • We will change your furnace filter while on-site to keep your system at peak performance*****

Silver Rewards Plus $21.95 Monthly (per system)

  • 20% off emergency repairs – one unexpected call could pay the entire annual fee!
  • First in line service – guaranteed Same Day emergency service within a 2 hour window
  • Super low diagnostic fee only $29.95 (save $109.05)
  • One (1) premium seasonal heating tune-up and safety inspection
  • One (1) premium seasonal cooling tune-up and safety inspection
  • Apply 100% of your uninterrupted annual fees or $5% (whichever is greater) towards a new full system*  
  • Apply 50% of your uninterrupted annual fees or 5% (whichever is greater) towards a new partial system**
  • Extra Bonus!! Transfer your credits to a new home should you move in our service area, or transfer credits to a new purchaser of your home – a great selling feature!
  • Lifetime warranty on repairs!  Keep your uninterrupted Silver Rewards Plus program active and each repair reverts to a lifetime warranty on parts and labor***
  • Get a 10% discount on home comfort accessories when adding to your existing equipment
  • No Extra Charge for emergency calls dispatched on nights or weekends
  • Replacement equipment installations within one day of permit issuance****
  • If requested will change your smoke detector batteries while on-site
  • We will change your furnace filter while on-site to keep your system at peak performance*****

*Full replacement system defined as 1) gas furnace/air handler and 2) outdoor air conditioner or heat pump.
**Partial system defined as 1) furnace or air handler or 2) heat pump or air conditioner unit with indoor coil.
***Exclusions include indoor evaporator or outdoor condensing coils, refrigerant, heat exchangers, and compressors.  Lifetime warranty for original equipment homeowner.
****Subject to equipment availability.
***** Will change air filter if purchased and stored on-site by homeowner while at your home.

Tune-ups must be scheduled within the 12 month contract term.  We use every available means to contact you by phone, email, or text but should you decide not to schedule, the tune-up is lost and does not have any monetary value.

Instead of a one-year part and labor warranty, Silver Reward Plus members get a lifetime warranty on specific repairs provided your Silver Rewards membership is active and uninterrupted.

There is no monetary value for any of these services should you decide to cancel your Silver Rewards Plus membership.

Contracts automatically renewed on an annual basis at the then rates in effect.

What’s Included in Our Spring AC Tune-ups?

Blazing summer temperatures and extreme humidity can test the limits of your cooling system. To prevent breakdowns and efficiency losses, our technicians check each part of your air conditioning unit from the fan and compressor down to the nuts and bolts. Here are a few of the maintenance tasks that we perform during spring AC tune-ups.

  • Flushing the condensate line to prevent clogs
  • Cleaning the coil fins to remove insulating buildup
  • Measuring the refrigerant for compliance with factory specs
  • Inspecting the capacitors and electrical connections for signs of corrosion
  • Replacing the air filter for optimal efficiency
  • Testing the thermostat for accuracy

Fall Maintenance for Your Furnace or Heat Pump

Heating systems have unique maintenance requirements, and routine service visits are essential for safety and efficiency. Whether you heat your home with oil, electricity, or natural gas, we can keep your furnace in peak condition. Here are a few items that our service technicians check during fall maintenance visits.

  • For safety reasons, gas lines and valves should be in good condition and deliver the optimal pressure.
  • Adjusting the air-fuel balance minimizes energy losses and helps your furnace perform optimally.
  • We inspect the exhaust system to ensure that carbon monoxide and dangerous combustion byproducts can’t enter your home.

Scheduling Maintenance Services With Our Pros

We offer affordable, convenient tune-ups that fit your schedule and deliver optimal results all season. To learn more about our maintenance services or to make an appointment, call us today.

Vernon The Heating & Cooling Specialist has been providing a complete array of HVAC-R services to home and business owners throughout our service area of Fairfax, Arlington, Alexandria, McLean, VA, Rockville, Bethesda, MD, and Washington, DC and the surrounding areas for over 40 years.

You can connect with a live person 24/7 and will receive service in hours, not days. We offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee along with expert technicians who have passed technical and customer communication tests to ensure that you are receiving the best-in-class services. We are focused on your comfort and satisfaction with the services we provide. Call us today.

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