Summertime Heat Pump Problems To Be Aware Of

A heat pump is an efficient and economical way to heat and cool living spaces, offices and other commercial enterprises. In fact, the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 includes consumer rebates and tax credits for purchases and upgrades of air-source and geothermal systems and other energy-efficient heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment. Many major HVAC manufacturing companies, including Carrier, offer high-efficiency HVAC equipment that reduces energy use without sacrificing indoor comfort.

Heat pumps have the advantage of providing heating and cooling in one unit instead of maintaining a separate furnace and air conditioner. They work well in the hot summers and cool winters typical of the climate in Bethesda, Maryland, Arlington, Virginia, and nearby communities. Like any finely crafted appliance, this equipment maintains optimum efficiency when it is serviced regularly. However, even with regular maintenance, problems sometimes occur. Here are common summertime heat pump problems and how to fix them.

System Does Not Cool

Here are things to look for if the air conditioner stops producing cool air.

  • Dirty filters can cause air conditioners to stop working.
  • Check the thermostat settings to verify the set temperature. If the settings are correct, there may be an internal problem keeping the thermostat from communicating with the condensing unit.
  • If the system has not been tuned up recently, dirty coils can affect transfer of heat, a vital function for efficient cooling.
  • Low refrigerant will also affect efficient operation. Licensed and certified HVAC service technicians are trained to handle and recover refrigerant. If low or leaking refrigerant is the problem, our technician can remedy the situation.

Unit Makes Odd Noises

You are probably familiar with the normal sounds your air conditioner makes. If you hear odd or unpleasant noises, investigate immediately. Although some noises are benign, others are signs of serious problems, such as an overheated compressor, low refrigerant or loose parts.

Rattling and banging usually mean a part is loose or an object is hitting the fan. Gurgling often signifies a refrigerant leak. Buzzing or grinding sounds may be caused by worn bearings or malfunctioning coils. If you cannot identify the source of the problem, call for professional evaluation.

Compressor Ices Up

The compressor can ice up in summer or winter. During the summer, ice on the compressor is often due to low refrigerant. It can also signify dirty coils or a dirty air filter, which affect the transfer of heat and the ability of the system to produce conditioned air.

A leaking or clogged condensate line can cause ice to form. In addition, clogged condensate tubing can damage the system and your home. If the condensate pan overflows, the water can seep into flooring and the building shell. Water can also back up into the mechanical elements of the system or cause mold to grow in the filter or coils.

To remove ice, first turn the system off. Although it may be tempting to try to remove ice from the coils, do not do it! You risk damaging the coils. Instead, call a professional to investigate. A thorough inspection by a licensed professional can identify the problem and get your system running again.

System Runs Too Long

An energy-efficient heat pump sometimes runs longer than traditional air conditioners and furnaces. Variable-speed equipment ramps power up or down depending on demand. Your system may run for longer periods but use less energy to maintain comfort. However, if you have a traditional single-speed system, long runs may signal a problem.

Call Vernon The Heating & Cooling Specialist to Help You Keep Your Cool

The HVAC experts at Vernon The Heating & Cooling Specialist can help to maintain indoor comfort during every season. We offer new installations, maintenance and repair services for all types of heating and cooling equipment, including ductless mini splits, ducted systems and commercial systems. Many of the calls we get for heat pump repairs are due to lack of maintenance.

Give us a call if you would like to install energy-efficient equipment, make repairs to existing HVAC systems or schedule a tune-up for your residential or commercial heating and cooling system. Our service technicians are certified by NATE in core competencies and specialties. We guarantee our work.

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