The Low Down on Energy Recovery Ventilators in Arlington, VA

Energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) are designed to exchange indoor air with outdoor air and cool the incoming air. They can be used in commercial and residential applications where improved ventilation is critical in maintaining a comfortable environment. The following are the benefits of ERVs.

Clean Environment

An ERV eliminates pollutants, which connects the duct system and your home’s exterior environment. Fresh air will then be pulled inside your home, thus eliminating potentially unhealthy contaminants such as bacteria and allergens.

By eliminating pollutants from your indoor air, an ERV increases the amount of fresh air available to each room of your Arlington, VA home. This will lead to a healthier living environment that’s free from toxins.

Lower Electricity Bills

Many people pay hefty charges resulting from their electricity bills. This could mainly be a result of the HVAC system constantly running. It would be wise to employ the use of energy recovery ventilators to reduce the amount of electricity needed to run your HVAC system effectively.

An ERV works by using an outdoor fan to pull fresh air from the outside into your home. It then transfers heat from your indoor air to the exterior surroundings while extracting the energy from the heat and using it to cool the fresh incoming air.

This reduces the electricity required to run your HVAC system. As a result, you can save money each month on electric bills.

Optimized Energy Efficiency

Energy recovery ventilators can save you money because their design helps your HVAC system to significantly minimize energy use. They work by moving air across a heat recovery core, which cools the air inside the duct system while simultaneously increasing the energy efficiency of a furnace or air conditioner. As a result, your air conditioning system will run more effectively since it isn’t forced to overwork to remove pollutants from the air.

This means that your air conditioner can keep your home at the perfect temperature for a more extended period. Furthermore, the ERV’s energy-efficient design allows you to get proper airflow into your home while saving you money on energy bills.

Reduced Dampness

There’s a direct correlation between indoor air quality and your home’s moisture content. Many individuals are turning to ERVs because they effectively remove moisture from the air and help prevent organic growth in homes.

ERVs have a moisture control system that helps pull clean air into your home and removes excess humidity from the air. To relieve dampness, an ERV will draw fresh air from outside and extract the humidity as it passes through the ventilator, and then circulate it through the ductwork in your home. This keeps your home fresh and free from organic growth.

Since an ERV helps remove excess moisture from the air, it helps protect the contents of your home from humidity damage. Having one of our professionals install a dehumidifier to supplement your energy recovery ventilator will also help prevent organic growth in your Arlington, VA home.

Odor Control

Toxins from decaying plants, pets and other harmful items can cause bad odors to spread in the air circulating in your home. This could take a toll on your health and the environment.

An energy recovery ventilator will allow you to have a powerful fan blowing throughout your house. This will push the odors outside into the atmosphere while introducing clean air into your home.

Ventilation Control

Ventilation systems help regulate airflow into your home. An energy recovery ventilator helps create the perfect environment inside your house by allowing an adequate flow of fresh air into your home and eliminating stale air.

In addition, most ERVs have a built-in humidistat that detects when high humidity levels are present. As a result, an energy recovery ventilator can effectively adjust the amount of airflow based on the humidity levels inside your home.

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