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Need a Commercial HVAC System in Rockville, MD? Things to Remember

April 30, 2023

You don’t have to be an HVAC specialist to manage a profitable business in Rockville, MD. Yet, your company will benefit more if you understand what to look for when selecting an HVAC system. Keep the following points in mind the next time your company needs a new commercial HVAC system.

Initial Investment

The initial cost of any business HVAC system will likely be the first thing you notice. A new HVAC system is a significant investment, and sticker shock causes many company owners to choose the least expensive unit available. This can be a mistake, though.

A less expensive system may be less efficient, have a short lifespan or be incapable of efficiently cooling your home. In any of these circumstances, spending a little extra ahead can save you time, money and trouble in the long run.

Compare prices to ensure you get the best value on the unit and the installation. After all, the HVAC system you select will significantly influence not just your budget but also the comfort of your customers and staff.

Energy Conservation

Remember that you’ll only have to purchase a new HVAC system roughly every 15 to 20 years. However, you’ll have to pay your energy bill every month.

When you pick a new commercial HVAC system, pick one that is energy efficient. Find one that will reduce your energy use and lower your carbon footprint. Our professionals provide a variety of high-efficiency heat pumps and air conditioners capable of handling the load of big rooms.

The Present State of Your Ductwork

Before looking for commercial HVAC equipment, you must assess the quality of your air ducts. If your present ductwork is in bad condition, no matter how innovative your new HVAC system is, it will cause many problems soon. Our HVAC installation technicians will thoroughly assess your ductwork to verify that there are no leaks, corrosion or other problems.

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality is always a significant consideration in any building. When choosing commercial HVAC equipment, evaluate your indoor air quality requirements.

According to research, poor indoor air quality can impact employees’ health, productivity and mood. To guarantee that your facility has the healthiest indoor air quality possible, find out how you can seal window and door leaks before purchasing new HVAC equipment.

Cooling and Heating Requirements

A business facility, warehouse or office complex can serve hundreds of diverse functions. When purchasing an HVAC unit, examine the companies operating within the facility.

A hotel or restaurant, for example, will have more unique heating and cooling requirements than a packing factory or retail store. The businesses operating in your building will dictate the kind of HVAC system you require.

Type of Building

Some buildings have wall insulation, which is essential because greater insulation means you may pick a smaller system. Additional aspects of the building to consider include the material utilized for the flooring, walls and roof.

New Commercial HVAC Equipment Warranties

Commercial HVAC equipment from various manufacturers comes with a variety of warranties. When purchasing a new HVAC unit, remember to inquire about warranties, which can provide additional financial security.

Most significantly, you must select a professional HVAC installation company with good reviews. Before deciding on the type of system, the amount of equipment or the location, consult with HVAC professionals. Our experts have extensive knowledge and training on a wide range of commercial HVAC models.

Reducing your heating bills might be easier than you believe. Contact Vernon Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. as we install top-of-the-line furnaces, boilers, heat pumps and hybrid systems from industry leaders. We also provide preventive maintenance programs and emergency heating repairs to keep your HVAC system running smoothly throughout the hot summers or cold winters.

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