3 Reasons to Skip DIY Furnace Repair in Rockville, MD

The feeling of accomplishment that comes from finishing a task around your own home is hard to beat. However, there are some tasks that simply don’t lend themselves to the Do-It-Yourself lifestyle. If you’re considering handling your own furnace repair in Rockville, MD, be sure to consider these risks associated with trying to fix your furnace on your own.

1. You Can Make Matters Worse

Our team of professionally licensed service technicians has tools specifically designed for furnace repairs and other HVAC tasks. These usually aren’t the same tools that most homeowners have in their toolboxes. Since you probably don’t have access to the right tools, there’s a good chance that you can make matters worse by turning a small problem into something much larger.

2. It’s Just Not Safe

Ultimately, the most important reason to avoid DIY furnace repair is the fact that it’s not safe to do so. Whether your furnace operates on gas or electricity, it’s crucial that you have the proper training to work on the system without putting yourself and your family in harm’s way. Not only do you face the chance of electrocution, but you could also cause a house fire or a gas leak.

3. You May Void Your Warranty

Depending on the age of your furnace, you may still have a warranty protection on the system. However, it’s crucial that you read the warranty completely as there are some actions that can void the warranty, including performing your own repair work. If you void the warranty, you will be financially responsible for the cost of any replacement parts and repairs in the future.

Ultimately, the potential risks of performing your own furnace repair far outweigh any reward that doing so can provide. Instead, trust us with your repair needs. Call Vernon Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. and ask about all our HVAC services.

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