3 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your AC in Arlington, VA

Your air conditioner prevents your home from being uncomfortably hot. Unfortunately, this appliance cannot last forever, and you may need to replace it after you observe certain signs. Here are indicators that show you need to replace your AC in Arlington, VA.

Your System Has Frequent Breakdowns

It is usual for your AC to break down once in a while. However, your system may start requiring more frequent repairs, even though you keep it well-maintained.

If you notice you’re contacting your technician frequently because of breakdowns, it is time to consider investing in a new one. It’s more costly in the long run to continually repair your air conditioner compared to replacing it outright. Your technician can help you make the assessment as to the right time to replace your system.

Your Unit Doesn’t Cool Your Home

Multiple factors can affect your system’s ability to cool your living space. These issues include refrigerant leaks, a dirty condenser, a broken motor and ductwork leakage.

You may realize every time your technician fixes one issue, it seems another one arises and your system ends up not cooling your home. If this is the case, it probably time to replace your system so you’ll stay comfortable and have peace of mind.

Your AC Makes Unusual Sounds

Typically, your unit makes mild noises when regulating your home’s temperature. However, if you suddenly hear some new noises that include rattling, grinding and squealing sounds, these issues indicate your air conditioner has underlying problems such as a loose belt or broken motor bearings.

Consider switching your system off immediately when you hear any noises you are not used to. This will help prevent further damage. Your technician will identify the causes of these noises and fix the issues. If it’s indicating a severe issue your technician will advise your on repair or replacement of the system.

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