4 Benefits of Variable Refrigerant Technology In Arlington, VA

Variable refrigerant technology has been currently making waves in the HVAC industry. Here in Arlington, VA, we’re lucky enough to have several companies that offer VRT systems for homes and businesses. Here are four benefits of variable refrigerant technology.

1. They Offer Zoned Comfort

Variable refrigerant technology systems are ideal for large buildings or homes with multiple zones because they allow each area to be set to a different temperature according to your convenience. This means you can keep the temperature in one zone cool while keeping the temperature in a different zone warmer.

2. Energy Efficient

VRT systems are energy efficient as they only need to circulate the coolant through fan coil units that you’re using. This can lead to significant energy savings, particularly in large buildings where different areas are often unused for extended periods. Consequently, VRT systems use inverters to adjust the compressor’s speed, which varies the refrigerant’s flow, further reducing energy consumption.

3. They’re Quiet

Variable refrigerant technology systems use multiple inverter-driven compressors, each tasked with a specific pressure range. This results in quieter operations suitable for office spaces, health care facilities and schools, as each compressor only needs to operate within its specified pressure range.

4. They Offer Combined Heating and Cooling

Installing a VRT system can help provide heating and cooling because the systems are all-in-one. This makes them ideal for use in climates with large temperature swings.

If you’re a resident in Arlington and want to learn more about the benefits of a variable refrigerant technology before purchasing one or you need furnace repair and installation services, contact us at Vernon Heating and Air Conditioning, Inc. We offer quality consultations and would be happy to answer any questions that you have about this new technology.

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