4 Reasons Your Heat Pump Won’t Stay On in Washington D.C.

If your heat pump isn’t running properly, it can be a cause for concern. You may find that the system shuts off after just a few minutes of operation or won’t even start in the first place. The following are some potential causes for why your heat pump in Washington D.C., won’t stay on.

1. Incorrect Sizing

If your heat pump is not properly sized for the space you’re attempting to heat or cool, it will likely have trouble staying on. When a system is too large compared to the load it’s trying to handle, the unit may run and then shut off prematurely, as it has already met the thermostat setting before completing its intended cycle. A system that’s too small, however, will struggle to get the space up to temperature and may not be able to stay on long enough to complete its cycle.

2. Faulty Thermostat

A faulty thermostat won’t receive or send information from the heat pump accurately. This will prevent the system from knowing when to turn on or off and can cause it to shut down prematurely. Replacing your thermostat is the quickest way to solve this issue if you suspect the thermostat isn’t working correctly.

3. Low Refrigerant Levels

Heat pumps require a certain amount of refrigerant to operate correctly and move heat from the outside to the inside. If the levels of refrigerant are too low, it could cause your system to shut down prematurely, as it won’t be able to move enough heat into your home. You’ll need a professional to diagnose and repair this issue in order to get your system back up and running again.

4. Incorrect Wiring or Loose Electric Connections

If you are experiencing issues with your unit staying on, it could be due to loose or incorrect wiring or electric connections. This can create false signals or could trip the circuit breaker in the system, which will cause it to shut off before completing its cycle. A professional technician is your best bet for handling this type of problem, as they have the proper tools and experience to diagnose and fix wiring issues.

Whether your heat pump won’t stay on or isn’t starting in the first place, there’s likely an underlying issue. Contact us at Vernon Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc., for maintenance services if your heat pump doesn’t stay on and we’ll provide the help you need to stay warm this winter.

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