Boost Efficiency with a Fall Furnace Tune-Up in Sterling, VA

A fall furnace tune-up could boost your system’s energy efficiency by as much as 20% in Sterling, VA. Other reasons to schedule maintenance are to keep your home safe and get the longest lifespan possible out of the equipment.

Extend the Lifespan of Your Furnace

On average, furnaces last 15–30 years. If you want your furnace to live to the longer end of the spectrum, you need to schedule regular maintenance for it.

A heating system goes through natural wear and tear. When a part is too worn, you don’t necessarily notice it because your heater continues heating your home. By the time you do notice a problem, such as inadequate heating, your system may have more serious damage.

Replacing parts at the first sign that they’re in need of replacement allows you to get more use out of the system. Minor repairs are usually inexpensive, so it’s better to take care of them promptly than wait until a major breakdown occurs. In some cases, furnace problems aren’t repairable due to the extent of the damage.

Save Money on Heating Your Home

Regular maintenance is necessary to keep your heating bills low. A heating system loses efficiency over time and will continue to lose efficiency. Unusually high energy bills mean something is wrong, whether there’s a malfunctioning part in the furnace or excessive dirt.

Keep Your Furnace Safe

Poor maintenance is a safety risk. Problems get worse over time and could lead to a gas leak or fire. By scheduling a fall tune-up, you’ll have reassurance that your heater is safe to use.

Protect Your Furnace Warranty

Most warranties require that you maintain the system in order to keep them valid. Some specifically state that the system needs maintenance on an annual basis. You should check your warranty to know the details.

Annual fall maintenance for your furnace keeps it in tiptop condition to reduce your energy bills and protect your home from gas leaks and fires. Contact Vernon The Heating & Cooling Specialist to learn more about our furnace maintenance services in Sterling, VA.

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