Choosing a New Commercial HVAC System in Rockville, MD

The HVAC system you choose affects your energy bill, comfort and peace of mind. It’s important to consult and research before you install a new commercial HVAC system to ensure you choose the right system for your business in Rockville, MD. Below, we will explore some factors to consider when choosing a new commercial HVAC system.

1. Your Building’s Heating and Cooling Loads

Your building’s heating and cooling loads determine the size of the system that you should buy. If you buy a system whose capacity cannot satisfy your building’s temperature needs, the system will run almost constantly causing it to break down often. This will increase your energy and repair costs.

On the other hand, if you buy a system whose capacity exceeds your building’s temperature needs, it will short cycle and fail to distribute temperatures evenly. A professional technician can determine the appropriate heating and cooling load to help you buy and install a system that correctly matches the temperature needs of your business.

2. The HVAC System’s Energy Efficiency

Different HVAC systems have various levels of efficiency. Fortunately, there are efficiency measures that help homeowners decide which system to choose. These measures include AFUE, SEER and HSPF2.

AFUE ratings measure furnace efficiency, SEER ratings measure heat pump and air conditioner efficiency during the cooling season and HSPF2 ratings measure heat pump efficiency during the heating season. You should always choose a system with a higher rating because a higher rating means the system is highly efficient.

3. Your Budget

Different systems in the market have different prices. Typically the higher the rating and efficiency determines the cost. However, remember that cheap is expensive. If you buy a low-price system with low efficiency levels, the system will consume excessive energy without satisfying your temperature needs.

If you’re not sure what to look for when buying a new system, have a technician guide you. You can call the experts at Vernon The Heating & Cooling Specialist for professional commercial HVAC installation and advice. Our team is always ready to help.

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