Five Steps to Boost Your Commercial HVAC Efficiency in Rockville, MD

With summer arriving in Rockville, MD, you’re probably looking for ways to save on your cooling bills. One way to save is to optimize your commercial HVAC system so it stays at peak efficiency during the peak cooling system. Below are five steps you can take to boost your business’s HVAC efficiency.

Clean Or Replace Air Filters

Not only do dirty air filters impact indoor air quality inside your business, but they also substantially lower HVAC efficiency. This causes your HVAC system to work harder and use more energy to keep those inside comfortable. Therefore, it’s recommended to change or clean air filters every six weeks during peak cooling season.

Coil Cleaning

Don’t just stop at your air filters; your commercial HVAC condenser and evaporator coils need cleaning, too. Evaporator coils absorb humidity and heat from your air while the condenser coils expel heat from the building. When you have dirty coils, this makes it more difficult to remove heat and humidity from your building and leads to higher energy consumption. We recommend twice yearly maintenance as this step should be completed by a qualified technician.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

With a non-programmable thermostat, your HVAC system continues to operate as though the building is occupied after everyone has left for the day. This lowers HVAC efficiency and raises utility costs, especially on hot, humid nights. A programmable thermostat automatically changes temperatures, which reduces system workload and increases HVAC efficiency.

Schedule Regular Maintenance

Neglecting regular maintenance will make your HVAC system more inefficient while increasing wear and tear. This increased wear and tear can shorten the service life of your HVAC system and lead to more frequent and expensive commercial HVAC repairs. Regular seasonal maintenance not only keeps your system working longer but it also keeps everything at optimal efficiency.

Seal Your Ductwork

Aside from ensuring you have proper insulation amounts, sealing your ductwork greatly improves HVAC efficiency. Leaky ductwork decreases the efficiency of your system by 20%, raising your bills and making it harder to stay comfortable. Along with going ductless, sealing your ducts is a great way to boost HVAC efficiency.

Don’t spend another summer wishing for a more efficient commercial HVAC system. Instead, contact Vernon Heating & Air Conditioning today to experience the benefits that commercial HVAC maintenance offers your business.

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