Is My Heat Pump in Rockville, MD, Beyond Repair?

Residents of Rockville, MD, who own a heat pump should know that such a system requires some amount of upkeep to stay efficient. A well-maintained system can last 10-15 years; nevertheless, the time will come when repairs and tune-ups won’t cut it. If you notice any combination of these three signs in your heat pump, it’s probably time to consider having it replaced.

A Dramatic Rise in Utility Bills

One purpose of maintenance is to keep your bills down, and it can do this by letting the heat pump run as efficiently as it can. Inefficiency means higher bills, so if you notice that the cost rises and your cooling schedule has not altered in any way, you’ll want to talk to a professional about what’s wrong.

Short Cycles and No Cool Air

You can tell rather easily when an HVAC system runs inefficiently. It will likely fail to reach your set point, shutting on and off prematurely in a condition known as short-cycling, or it will run forever to reach the set point. In some cases, the HVAC system may simply need a repair or a cleaning; other times, especially if the unit has exceeded 10 or 15 years in age, it needs replacing.

Too Many Breakdowns

We understand the stress that homeowners feel when their heat pump breaks down, but most of the time, regular maintenance and prompt repairs can help them avoid such situations. Replacement becomes a real possibility if the heat pump breaks down in spite of all the repairs you get for it.

Customer Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed

Trust in Vernon The Heating & Cooling Specialist for your AC installation project in Rockville; call today for a convenient appointment. We’ll give you a free quote, and if you’ve asked another company about replacement, we’ll provide a free second opinion.

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