Why Does My AC in Bethesda, MD Keep Overheating?

When it comes to keeping your home in Bethesda, MD cool during the hot summer months, a functioning HVAC system is crucial. If you notice that your home is not cooling quickly enough, your AC system may be experiencing problems. Here, we explore some of the most common reasons for your AC to overheat.

Dirty Condenser Coils

The condenser coil is a tube filled with refrigerant that passes through the condenser located in the outdoor part of your cooling system. Its role is to collect and condense the refrigerant vaporized inside your home and transport it away from the unit. However, dust can clog the condenser, rendering it ineffective.

When this happens, the system will struggle to transfer heat freely. It will also run for a longer time, which leads to overheating or your system blowing warm air.

As a result, the AC will have to work harder to maintain the desired temperature, leading to higher energy bills. Fortunately, you can avoid this problem by having a professional clean the condenser coil before it causes a system breakdown.

An Old System

The HVAC system is the workhorse of the home, but it does have a lifespan. You can expect your HVAC system to run between 15 and 20 years before a new installation is necessary.

In some cases, an overheated system is due to the age of the system. \Here are the main components that break in an old system:

  • Compressor
  • Heat exchanger
  • Fan motor
  • Thermostat
  • Capacitor

Low Refrigerant

Refrigerant is a key component to ensuring that your HVAC system cools properly. If your home isn’t cooling as quickly as it used to, it’s possible that the refrigerant is low. Another sign to look for is ice covering the outdoor component.

If your system is old, it may be time to consider a replacement to avoid further breakdowns requiring more AC repairs. If you notice any issues with your air conditioning, reach out to us at Vernon The Heating & Cooling Specialist, and we’ll promptly schedule an appointment for you.

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