Why You Don’t Want to Skip Fall HVAC Maintenance in Bethesda, MD

Residents in Bethesda, MD, need a functional HVAC to warm their homes during the cold winter months. Usually, we recommend maintenance at least twice a year to ensure the heating and cooling equipment is in excellent condition. Here are the reasons why you don’t want to skip HVAC tune-ups during the fall.

Prevents Breakdowns and Expensive Repairs

Routine maintenance allows us to inspect the machine and catch potential problems before the system breaks down. Using technology, we can diagnose the issues and fix them during the fall before winter begins. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about expensive repairs in Bethesda, MD, when the HVAC system malfunctions.

Slashes Energy Bills

Tune-ups during the fall are vital since it will ensure your heating system will be working correctly, conserving energy. For instance, when we clean or replace the air filters, the unit will not struggle to blow warm air. Plus, after we seal leaking ductwork, air will not escape to other areas such as the attic.

You will pay low bills with an energy-efficient machine compared to if you didn’t schedule for maintenance. The heating system will not run continuously, wasting a lot of energy in Bethesda, MD.

Family’s Health and Safety

Electrical lines with loose connections, gas, and oil leaks pose a danger to your family. Also, a crack in the furnace heat exchanger can lead to carbon monoxide seeping out, which is hazardous. We will seal any holes and tighten electrical lines to ensure the system is safe for your family.

Protects Your Warranty

The manufacturer will honor the warranty if you schedule regular checkups for the HVAC. It will help you later should there be repair costs that are pricey.

Extends the HVAC’s Lifespan

Heating systems that get regular service will not strain to warm your home during chilly months. We will clean the evaporator coils, replace filters, and lubricate moving parts.

The whole system will run smoothly without any struggle prolonging its lifespan. Contact us at Vernon The Heating & Cooling Specialist for heating system maintenance.

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