Why You Shouldn’t DIY Repair Your Heat Pump in Arlington, VA

Having your heat pump break down during the winter in Arlington, VA can be extremely difficult and frustrating, so much so that you may consider taking matters into your own hands. As attractive as the idea may sound, however, it’s a terrible idea to try to repair your heating system on your own. Here are three big reasons why you should never attempt DIY heat pump repairs.

1. Refrigerant is Dangerous

Refrigerant leaks are one of the most common reasons that heat pumps malfunction. You should never attempt to refill your system on your own, though, because refrigerant can be profoundly hazardous. Additionally, there are federal laws in place that prohibit unlicensed individuals from handling refrigerant.

2. Electrocution

Your heat pump relies on electricity, so it’s unsafe for you to try to perform your own repairs. Without the proper skills and knowledge, you won’t take the right precautions before repairs and may seriously hurt yourself.

3. A Voided Heat Pump Warranty

HVAC manufacturers typically sell their systems to customers with some kind of warranty attached to them. The terms and length of this warranty may vary, covering either parts, labor or both, and it may last for 10 years or even more. Whatever the differences between warranties, they generally have conditions in them requiring you to show proof of annual maintenance and that you’ve had all repairs performed by a professional.

Repairing your own HVAC system voids your warranty. Even if you successfully repair the system, you’ll assume financial responsibility for any future repairs or replacement parts.

It’s simply unsafe and unwise for you to perform heat pump repairs yourself. Get professional help instead. Call Vernon The Heating & Cooling Specialist and arrange for heat pump services.

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